Meet Our Staff

Bobby Stevens


Bobby grew up in south Georgia in a family of four that at times struggled to just put food on the table. Bobby developed a talent at an early age for dealing with the public. This lead him to a 25 year career in the Automotive industry. During this time he was able to fuel his desire to be in the outdoors and hunt and manage land and food plots for the growth and management of wild life. Bobby’s love for animal led him to want to grow a large herd of black angus cattle of the highest quality. Bobby loves to serve our customers and make them happy.

Lori Stevens


Lori grew up in a small out skirt town of Destin Florida, know as Freeport. Lori at an young age began to work tirelessly to help take care of her family that had experienced some life altering tragedy. Lori spent all of her adult work career in the retail world managing operations for large corporate. Bobby and Lori were married in 2015 and Loir’s journey began. She too began to gain a love for the outdoors, hunting and eventually became an animal lover and professional animal spoiler. 

Randall Kelley

Farm Manager

Randall grew up in south Alabama as the son of a second generation cattle farmer. Randall has worn many hats ranging from carpenter, cook , cattleman and hay baling specialist. Randalls knowledge and love for growing great high quality herds of cattle led him to Stevens Family Farms in early 2020. Randall has made a plan for Stevens Family Farms to bring to our customers extremely high quality beef cattle.

Brandon Main

Equipment Operator

Brandon is a Mississippi native who grew up on farms and running equipment. Before joining our land management side of the company Brandon spent several years on off shore oil rigs. Brandon loves running the equipment and turning our customers land into their dreams and bringing their vision to reality.